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Air cargo and logistics

Investigate shipping options, find transportation efficiencies and track shipments in the air.

Data for helping shippers, freight forwarders and consolidators manage air freight


Cirium’s schedule, routes and fleet data assist shippers with planning, tracking and optimizing delivery. Assess to the largest and most accurate flights schedules and routes data assists in scenario planning, operational scheduling and plan connections. By overlaying weather data and on-time performance history shippers can assess risk and determine the reliability of different routes and options.

Cirium provides real-time notifications for internal teams: identifying disrupted shipments and preparing ground-handling teams. Similar notifications can be used for customer alerts, helping master the Amazon effect.

Cirium舰队数据减少了研究时间, helping freight forwarders to understand what aircraft that meet their specifications for each shipment.

Airport cargo loading dock

Create operational advantages

  • Schedule data is updated daily, making sure shippers have the most accurate information saving planning and research time.
  • Customize filters and reports to configure connection times for cargo, not just passenger data.
  • Cirium provides the most useful combination of high quality status, positions, alerting, schedules and more, all from one provider. 
  • Cirium’s flight status data provides a much more applicable predictor of arrival and delays than positional data.

Explore cargo data and analytics options with Cirium experts


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